Endless Obsession

better code


Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m a software developer currently working for Cognito Forms, a SaaS software company based in Columbia, SC.

I’ve been working as a developer since the mid aughts, and for most of that time I’ve specialized in full-stack web development. I worked on “rich internet applications” before SPAs were cool, and even built a web framework you’ve never heard of. Now I get to build things with Vue.js and .NET at my day job.

I’ve always had a penchant for automating repetative tasks. Over the years I’ve written scripts to automate many things, including developer box setup, builds and dev tooling, my own personal computer configuration, and even synchronizing source code repositories. This led to me spending a few years in a “tools and process automation” role in an IT organization, where my team built systems to help deliver projects and manage thousands of servers and workstations. But, ultimately, building web-based software products is what I enjoy most.

These days I serve as scrum master and architect for an agile feature team. This has given me the opportunity to learn and develop skills relevant to two of my biggest professional passions - agile software development and software quality.

For years I read and learned about agile software development, and tried to find ways to apply those principals on the job, even if my team wasn’t officially “doing agile”. Now I’m working on a team that’s putting the theory into practice on a daily basis. Sure, it isn’t always easy. Our burndown may not be the smooth, even slope that we want it to be, but we’re continually improving, and its been very rewarding to see how the team has grown and progressed.

At its core, my interest in software quality stems from a desire for excellence. I’ve always believed that automated testing, rigorous coding standards, and peer review of code are crucial ingredients in maintaining quality software. I’m fortunate to work for an organization that values and invests in those things, and I work to promote them within my team and in the organization at large.

You can find me on Github as mattheyan, though most of the software I’ve written has been either proprietary or internal systems. I’m on Twitter as @BryanMatthews, but I mostly just lurk on social media rather than contribute to the chaos. And, of course, my LinkedIn.