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File.OpenWrite Gotcha

Recently I ran into an odd problem when writing a text file to disk using .NET’s File.OpenWrite.

using (var fileWriter = new StreamWriter(File.OpenWrite(outputFilePath)))

You might expect that after executing this code the text in the file would be “abc”. Not quite. In my case I was sometimes seeing results like this…

some other text

…where “some other text” is the last bit of text in the file before writing.

It turns out that the documentation for File.OpenWrite contains the answer.

If you overwrite a longer string (such as “This is a test of the OpenWrite method”) with a shorter string (such as “Second run”), the file will contain a mix of the strings (“Second runtest of the OpenWrite method”).

OpenWrite behaves much like the dreaded insert mode in word processors and text editors.

The solution that I chose is pretty simple. Just clear the file’s contents beforehand.